Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Succeed’s Risk Management Tools and Services

The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding Succeed, our risk management tools, and our services. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for here, you can contact us directly at 866-356-1735 or [email protected].

About Succeed Management Solutions

How long has Succeed been in business?

We opened our doors in 1996 and in 2016 we became a KPA company. We look forward to providing our customers with industry-leading risk management tools and services for many years to come.

What professional qualifications do Succeed’s consultants have?

Our professionals and principals have decades of risk management experience in the insurance industry and with Fortune 500 firms in environmental safety and health management roles. We have certified safety and industrial hygiene professionals on staff.

About our Risk Management Tool

What components make up the Risk Management Center?

There is a Risk Management Library, an HR & benefits library, plus six individual applications in the Risk Management Center. These applications include individual tools for tracking certificates of insurance, implementing a behavior-based safety program, building job descriptions, incident tracking and reporting, safety data sheet management, and employee training management. To learn more about each, either select an application from the products page or select your organization’s market niche from the market segments page.

How can I use the Risk Management Center to win new business?

Now any service agency, insurer, risk retention group or other organization can stand out from the crowd by offering tools and services that add real value for their customers. The Risk Management Center can be custom branded with your organization’s name and logo, providing you with everything you need to give your clients instant access to sophisticated risk management solutions. Succeed’s Risk Management Center gives you a competitive edge that will win you new business and help you build long-term customer loyalty.

How can the Risk Management Center save my organization money?

The tools provided in our Risk Management Center help you easily manage all of your insurance-related responsibilities, and quickly improve worker safety and increase worker productivity. The Risk Management Center also helps reduce the time you spend organizing all of the documents needed to track incidents and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies. Increasing your efficiency and productivity saves you money.

About our Safety Services

What type of services does Succeed offer?

Succeed offers a full array of loss control and risk management services. We also offer in-person risk management services and can assess workplaces with regard to industrial hygiene, safety, indoor air quality, ergonomics, and more. We can manage your projects, develop safety programs, and train staff according to Best Practices. For more information, view our safety services page.

Can you send experts to our facilities for evaluations or consultations?