Employers and Self-Insureds

Ensure Employees are Safe at Work with an Efficient, Cost-Effective, Risk Management Center

The Risk Management Center is the most comprehensive insurance risk management, workplace safety, and compliance platform available. It was built by safety professionals to support a proactive approach to risk analysis, loss control, and employee safety management across your entire organization to enable workplace health and safety, and employees to be safe at work.

Each application helps with a specific aspect of risk management, including training employees, tracking and reporting incidents, tracking certificates of insurance, incident reporting, managing safety data sheets, personnel management, creating a human resources program, or other efforts to reduce risk.

With the Risk Management Center, create a Safety Culture

The Risk Management Center is designed to work seamlessly across your organization and is an efficient, complete alternative to trying to build safety documents and loss prevention programs from various sources. Your organization needs a system that is not only comprehensive but has the capacity to grow with you. This is a true risk management platform, providing the capability to ensure your employees stay safe at work and you create a culture of safety for your entire organization.

Cost-Effective, Time-Saving – A Safety Solution That Pays

Risk Managers, Safety Professionals, and Human Resource leaders are looking for solutions that deliver positive organizational results cost-effectively. The primary goal for any risk management program is to reduce injuries, improve workplace health and safety, and increase profitability. The Risk Management Center is a collection of tools and materials that help you achieve that goal.

The web-based Risk Management Center improves your organization’s productivity and efficiency. The platform is easy to access and the tools cover all aspects of workplace safety – from training and tracking to reporting and analysis, from employee behavior to environmental issues, from insurance risk control to OSHA compliance.

Over 45,000 organizations.

  • Reduce risk
  • Lower costs
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Deliver OSHA compliance
  • Demonstrate corporate stewardship


  • COI Track®

    Manage Certificates of Insurance & avoid liability.

  • Training TrackTM

    Maintain training documentation, get alerts when training is due.

  • Incident TrackTM

    Our incident analysis software assists with injury prevention.

  • SDS TrackTM

    Compile your Material Safety Data Sheets and be compliant.

  • BBS TrackTM

    Build JHAs and create Behavioral Based Safety programs.