Partnering Consultants

Partner with Succeed to Reach Thousands of Safety-Conscious Organizations

What if you could offer new and existing clients a comprehensive portfolio of software tools and services to improve their risk management process and grow your practice at the same time? Now you can partner with Succeed.

With the Risk Management Center as part of your consulting practice, you will be able to offer a comprehensive package of software applications and risk management services that will enable your clients to easily develop and deploy risk mitigation, workplace safety, and OSHA compliance programs.

The Risk Management Center is the leading integrated risk management, workplace safety, and OSHA compliance software solution in North America, with over 45,000 users. This platform will give you the opportunity to expand your service portfolio and market reach, and differentiate your firm.

You are the Solution Provider

The Risk Management Center is custom-branded to the consulting partner, enabling you to provide your clients with a holistic risk prevention and workplace safety platform that strengthens your firm’s role as their solution provider.

Clients gain access to the platform through your website. Partner with Succeed to provide this valuable resource to your clients. You can differentiate your firm from your competition and deepen your existing relationships because of the efficiencies and cost savings your clients will experience. You can expand your service offerings with a scalable platform that will attract new clients and improve retention rates, resulting in potential significant revenue growth!

A Value-Added Resource for Your Clients

You are in business to help your clients develop and maintain productive, safe, and compliant workplaces. The Succeed Risk Management Center delivers tangible, effective solutions that meet the needs of your clients today and into the future.

The Risk Management Center is a secure, web-based software platform that delivers risk management and safety solutions for your clients in any industry sector to improve risk mitigation, loss control and prevention, and OSHA compliance efforts and results.

Easy-to-access and use, the Risk Management Center supports a proactive approach to safety management and risk mitigation across the entire organization. Clients traditionally see cost savings and increased profitability because of the improved management of these critical processes.

The Risk Management Center is right for any organization that wants to proactively manage their risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce claims, losses, and associated costs.

  • Grow your practice
  • Differentiate your firm
  • Deepen existing client relationships
  • Provide the solution your clients need