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In today’s increasingly competitive and commoditized commercial insurance marketplace, brokers need to find new and effective methods to stand out and differentiate themselves. Winning new business, and securing the continued loyalty of existing clients, requires more than just providing the right insurance coverage at a competitive price. The broker must genuinely understand the needs and desires of the client – the customer’s experience, perceptions, and expectations – in order to deliver a level of service that generates tangible client loyalty.

The Succeed Risk Management Center is a comprehensive risk management and safety software suite designed to help employers proactively manage loss control and prevention and achieve OSHA compliance. This innovative software suite enables clients to successfully implement and manage an effective risk management program.

Achieve Differentiation and Win Larger, More Lucrative Accounts

Over 25 Assurex Global Brokerages use Succeed’s Risk Management Center to achieve differentiation in the marketplace, giving them the power to win larger, more profitable accounts. They then keep these accounts by integrating the solutions throughout their clients’ organization, creating dependence that greatly removes price from the buying decision. In short, the Risk Management Center can help create more valuable, sustainable relationships with clients.

A Risk Management Center Tailored to Your Clients

Unlike other programs that only touch a narrow range of needs, Succeed’s Risk Management Center covers a broad spectrum of risk management and compliance challenges. Their platform is customizable based on industry sector, so clients can access materials and tools that matter to them, and address the specific challenges they face every day.

Additionally, Succeed private labels (brands) their web-based risk management platform to your brokerage, making you the solution provider for your clients. Assurex Global partners benefit from the sharing industry trends and best practices through the monthly Users’ Council meetings. Succeed has also built unique resources and trainings that Assurex Global partners share amongst their client base.

Succeed also provides the ongoing training and support services to assure your brokerage’s ongoing success.

Take Advantage of Succeed University™ an Online Portal to Agent-specific Workshops

Succeed also offers training classes and webinars, specifically for agents and producers. Learn how to be a trusted resource to clients, as well as capture significant business. These classes teach you how to leverage risk management as you learn strategies to identify, assess, prioritize, measure and mitigate risks. Click for more information or to view the classes we have available.

Select Testimonials from Assurex Global Partners

“Cragin & Pike has been using Succeed Managements Risk Management Center for a little over a year. We have over 40 clients currently using the site, all of which have seen great value in one or more of the available risk management modules. Our goal is to help our clients create efficiencies within their organization, reduce costs associated with their risk exposures and gain resources and knowledge to create and better their safety cultures.

We have found that by creating a user-friendly online environment for our clients with everything Risk Management related in one place, we have been able to create, as an agency, a result-producing tool for our clients.”

Greg McKinley
Cragin & Pike, Inc.


“Parker, Smith & Feek was searching for a real differentiator and a way to provide unparalleled services to their clients. Parker, Smith & Feek prides itself in being client focused and providing consultative expertise for its clients to minimize risk and associated costs. We believe the Risk Management Center offers our clients an excellent toolbox and reference center that will simplify these tasks while at the same time improving the effectiveness of our clients’ risk management efforts.”

Mike Woltersdorf
Principal, Risk Control Specialist
Parker, Smith & Feek


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