Risk Management for Insurers: Win New Business and Build Account Loyalty with the Risk Management Center

Attract new agencies and signature accounts, build strong client relationships, help insured accounts reduce claims and achieve significant risk reduction. Risk management for insurers means being able to provide risk management solutions to your policyholders and agencies.

What if you could offer your policyholders a comprehensive portfolio of software tools and services to improve their risk management process?

Now you can.

The Risk Management Center enables insurers to offer solutions that were once the exclusive domain of only your largest competitors. And you can offer these benefits without internal development or maintenance costs to enable instant market differentiation.

Differentiation for Insurers

The Risk Management Center is custom-branded to insurers, enabling you to provide your accounts with a holistic risk prevention and workplace safety platform that reinforces your role as their solution provider.

Accounts gain access to the platform through the insurer’s website. By providing this valuable resource to your accounts you can differentiate your group from your competition and strengthen existing policyholder loyalty because of the efficiencies and cost savings your accounts will experience. Your close ratios and retention rates will improve, resulting in potential significant revenue growth!

A Value-Added Resource for Your Accounts and Added Protection and Risk Management for Insurers

The Succeed Risk Management Center is a secure, web-based software platform that delivers risk management and safety solutions for your accounts in any industry sector, allowing them to improve risk mitigation, loss control and prevention, and OSHA compliance efforts and results. The bottom line: the ability to drive down incidents, claims and losses.

Easy to access and use, the Risk Management Center supports a proactive approach to safety management and risk mitigation across the entire organization. Accounts traditionally see cost savings and increased profitability because of the improved management of these critical risk management processes.

The Risk Management Center is right for any organization that wants to proactively manage their risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce incidents, claims, losses, and associated costs.

  • Attract signature accounts
  • Strengthen key agency and account relationships
  • Differentiate your group
  • Drive down incidents, claims and losses