Job Description Track

Build Job Descriptions and Return-to-Work Programs with Job Description Track™

Job Description Track is an automated and efficient way to create job descriptions that clearly communicate employee roles, responsibilities, performance expectations, and associated job-related safety and health requirements. It can be the foundation of an effective HR personnel management system and play a key role in developing and maintaining a safety culture.

Ensure employees, supervisors, and managers are prepared for their assignments. Job Description Track comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive job description library and has a wizard to guide you step-by-step through the job creation process. You can even share your customized job description library with managers across the organization for their own use.

Return-to-Work Compliance Management

Job Description Track helps you design effective return-to-work programs by using it to build modified or transitional duty job assignments. This will help ensure your employees are properly reintroduced to the workplace after an incident or injury, and help prevent future injuries or aggravate the existing injury. By ensuring employees are working safely and providing a mutually-beneficial recovery period, organizations can continue running smoothly and reduce workers’ comp costs.

The Foundation of a Safety Culture

Job Description Track is an important component in building a behavior-based safety culture. Well-developed job descriptions not only clarify roles and expectations, they help provide staff motivation and engagement, and ensure employee behavior is focused appropriately on safety.

  • Create job descriptions
  • Develop effective return-to-work programs
  • Promote a safety culture
  • Ensure compliance