COI Track

Manage Each Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Streamline Vendor Relations with COI TrackĀ®

Manage certificates of insurance using COI Track. With COI Track, streamline the process of certificate of insurance (COI) management to ensure you minimize business risk by maintaining up-to-date vendor records in this critical, but often overlooked, risk management and loss control discipline.

Certificate of insurance management is an important process for any organization that works with contractors, subcontractors, tenants, suppliers or vendors. COI Track works for organizations in any industry who want to proactively manage, control, and report on certificates of insurance.

Manage Compliance and Prevent Liability

COI Track has full reporting capabilities to provide you with the complete documentation required by your own insurance carrier. You can also produce analyses based on relevant dimensions such as vendor, project, or location. And COI Track has built-in email templates to easily notify vendors of their need to demonstrate insurance compliance. Prevent significant potential liabilities to your organization with COI Track.

  • Automate the certificate management process
  • Save time
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce the risk of liability