Training Track

“I would rate the first 2 courses I took as a 10. I am looking forward to viewing others. The fact that a wrong answer brings you back to the page that covers it and then allows you to return to the quiz is wonderful. Also, when I’m in the field I lose my connection often. After I rebooted I was able to go back to where I left off and did not have to start over again.”

Safety Director, Crane Manufacturer

Assign, Track, Report Employee Training and Create Custom Online Training Programs with Training Track™

Training Track provides a complete, easy-to-use solution to schedule, track, and document your entire employee training program. Employee training is a cornerstone for any effective risk management process, and this platform delivers the scope and flexibility you need through web-based access with management oversight and control.

With Training Track you can automate every aspect of the employee training process – from employee scheduling to sending automatic reminders, to notifying supervisors, to documenting completed training, and even to reporting employee compliance for OSHA or other entities.

Safety Training Compliance and More

Your organization has multiple needs for employee training, and Training Track can handle them all. Whether it’s new hire orientation, HR policies, safety procedures, OSHA certification, supervisor skills enhancement, or government-mandated sexual harassment training, this platform provides it all.

A Cost-Effective Training Program

Training Track offers access to a multitude of training titles. Since the training is online, employees only need a computer with internet access and do not have to take the training at the same time or in the same location. This can save you significant time and money in worksite scheduling hassles and in-person trainer costs. Training Track can also ensure all supervisors have successfully completed the training and provide records for compliance reporting. Click to view available online training courses.

Create and Deploy Customized Training

Training Track is the easy way for you to develop and deliver organization-specific training content. We can help you build training programs to ensure your employees are working safely and in compliance with company policies, regulatory standards, and best practice guidelines. Learn more about the customized training service.

  • Promote a safety culture
  • Reduce incidents
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Lower costs