BBS Track

Create a Behavior-Based Safety Program and Job Hazard Analyses (JHA’s) with BBS Track™

Job Hazard Analyses (also known as JHA’s, job safety analyses, hazard analyses, and hazard assessments) are the heart of any effective Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program. With BBS Track you can easily build JHA’s to identify existing and potential hazards, conduct safety observations to record employee behavior, and develop an effective risk mitigation plan. This application will improve safety in the workplace and reduce incidents.

Behavior-Based Safety Made Easy with JHA’s

JHA’s are designed and used to enhance employees’ awareness and adherence to safety controls. JHA’s are useful because they incorporate all risks and hazards for each job, and other important information that may be dispersed across multiple documents. JHA’s can be used in employee interviews, training, and evaluations to discuss and set a precedent for a safety culture. Studies have shown that proactively addressing workplace hazards and maintaining JHA’s assist in claim and injury prevention.

Safety managers or department supervisors can start with the pre-loaded library of JHA’s (which contain the needed steps, issues, and job requirements) to build a customized behavior-based safety protocol for each job. BBS Track not only helps you create JHA’s, it also lets you export customized PowerPoints, which can be used for easy, custom training programs, particular to the hazards in your organization or industry.

Safety Observations and Risk Reduction

Create safety observations once the JHA’s are defined for your organization. Safety observations are documents that can be used to assess the risk exposures and safety of the workers within your organization, and are often printed and used during walkthrough inspections. They are an essential part of monitoring the progress and success of a BBS program and help employees adhere to job requirements.

Creating a Safety Culture and Being OSHA-Compliant

Turn your JHA and safety observation efforts into a complete BBS solution for your employees. Focus your employees on the behaviors that ensure quality and safety, while promoting a proactive safety culture of awareness, training, and injury prevention. This will help you comply with safety regulations and OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) and create a proactive safety culture to reduce incidents, claims, and losses.

Create and maintain an effective behavior-based safety program with BBS Track.

  • Build Job Hazard Analyses (JHA’s)
  • Conduct safety observations
  • Reduce risk and workers compensation costs
  • Improve employee morale
  • Demonstrate compliance