Incident Track

Report Workplace Incidents and Claims, Conduct Incident Analysis, and Manage OSHA Forms with Incident Track™

Easily track, document, and report all types of workplace incidents, including near misses, with Incident Track. Document accident investigations, track employee injuries and related time off of work, conduct incident analysis, and report claims.

With Incident Track as the cornerstone of your incident management system, you can improve the visibility and efficiency of incident reporting, reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, increase employee morale, and build a safety culture.

OSHA Recordable Reporting

Enter an incident once, and then run a variety of reports to help with time-consuming tasks. Generate automated incident reports, all OSHA Logs, and First Reports of Injury through Incident Track. Confidential employee information is completely secure and fully HIPAA-compliant.

Automated Incident Analysis and Claims Management

Understanding the frequency and severity of incidents, injuries, work-related illnesses, and near misses, and gaining insight into unsafe workplace practices and behaviors, is critical to building a proactive safety culture. Incident Track includes trending analytic capabilities, converting data into graphs and helping you identify where to focus your mitigation efforts.

Track and analyze all types of claims – from work-related and environmental to general liability, property, fleet, and more.

  • Generate OSHA Logs
  • Produce the First Report of Injury
  • Automate claims reporting
  • Identify trends
  • Reduce risk and losses
  • Lower costs