Risk Management and Safety Services for an Efficient and Effective Risk Management Program

The Succeed Management Solution team of qualified risk management and safety industry professionals are available to assist your organization with a complete set of risk management services. Our safety services can assist any size organization within any industry.

Field Service

We work directly with your organization and with the Risk Management Center platform to deliver effective strategies to manage risk, improve workplace safety, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Behavior-Based Safety Management Service

Utilize Succeed’s team to build new Job Hazard Analyses based on your work environment, job requirements, and safety policies. We complete a JHA for each job and identify critical safety behaviors that will protect your employees from accident and injury before it occurs.

Job Description Management Service

Succeed can evaluate the needs of your various employee positions and create custom job descriptions for your unique organization. We are always available to assist you with modified or transitional duty job descriptions so you can get your injured employees back to work as soon as possible.

Risk Assessment Management Service

An objective, comprehensive risk assessment, gap analysis, and a detailed action plan will lead to significant operational improvements, save you time and money, and provide the framework your organization needs to significantly reduce incidents, claims, and the associated costs. Succeed’s experts will analyze your organization on-site.

Online Training Development Service

The professionals at Succeed can build and deploy organization-specific online training programs, targeting your unique needs or particular job characteristics. Your custom trainings become part of your organization’s Training Track™ application, so you can take advantage of all its specialized features.