Behavior-Based Safety

Let Us Help You Build Your Safety Culture with the Succeed Behavior-Based Safety Service

The Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is at the heart of any effective behavior-based safety program promoting a safety culture in the workplace. Building JHA’s to identify existing and potential hazards, and conducting safety observations to record employee behavior, are critical components of an effective risk mitigation plan that complies with safety regulations and OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

Our Experts Manage the Entire Process

We upload existing JHA’s and safety materials from your sources and populate the BBS Track™ application so you have instant access to your custom materials. In addition, we build new job hazard analyses based on your work environment, job requirements, and safety policies. We complete a hazard assessment for each job and identify critical safety behaviors that will protect your employee from accident and injury before it occurs.

We can even create training programs based on the JHA’s so you can train your new hires about job hazards, health and safety regulations, and teach them about your organization’s proactive approach to safety in the workplace.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Reduce Risk and Prevent Injury

Ensuring you have a complete behavior-based safety program with JHA and Safety Observation materials for each position is a critical component of a safety or risk manager’s responsibilities. We think you will find that the most cost-effective solution to achieve this goal is to employ the experts at Succeed to help you develop job safety analyses, hazard assessments, PPE rules, and a complete behavior-based safety program and safety culture.

  • Prevent injury proactively
  • Identify critical safety behaviors
  • Part of a comprehensive risk management program
  • Reduce workplace incidents and create a safety culture
  • Let the experts handle it