IIPP Development Service

Ensure workplace safety with an IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program)

Creating a comprehensive IIPP is an essential step to stay compliant, reduce costs associated with injuries, and create a safety culture at your workplace. IIPP’s are required in 15 states, and are recommended as a best practice by OSHA. OSHA has identified IIPP’s as “the foundation for breakthrough changes in the way employers identify and control hazards, leading to a significantly improved workplace health and safety environment.” Having an IIPP in place means that programs support employee safety, and employers can improve their compliance efforts.

IIPP’s can create a significant reduction in insurance premiums, and lower costs through reduced incidents and claims, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Risk for organizations. Having a strong IIPP in place enhances workplace safety, employee morale, and productivity.

An IIPP program must be an integral part of operations at an organization. It must cover all of the exposures and potential hazards that the workers face. And an IIPP must have a training curriculum, skills evaluation, and outlined safety responsibilities and accountabilities by management to ensure that the program is being followed. It is also important to garner support and commitment from both management and employees.

OSHA has recently been placing an enhanced emphasis on IIPPs. OSHA released a study that shows a “link between occupational safety and health and improved financial performance.” The study shows that there’s a pronounced correlation between a strong safety culture and improved stock market value (from this article).

Succeed Can Build or Enhance the IIPP in your workplace

Succeed can help organizations develop an effective, integrated IIPP that meets your unique standards and compliance requirements. We work hand-in-hand with you to evaluate and address workplace risks, and offer our expertise in risk mitigation and loss control strategies and program development. The IIPP service includes:

Succeed can assemble a powerful IIPP that aligns with the safety goals and objectives of your organization. We can create an IIPP that embodies the safety culture of an organization so that you can reduce costs, save lives, and obtain compliance.