Job Description

Manage Job Duties and Build a Return-to-Work Program with the Succeed Job Description Service

With Succeed’s Job Description Service, clearly communicate employee roles, responsibilities, performance expectations, and associated job-related safety and health requirements with job descriptions to ensure employees, supervisors, and managers are prepared for their assignments.

Job descriptions are the foundation of an effective Human Resource personnel management system and play a key role in developing and maintaining an effective safety culture.

By using and modifying the established job descriptions you can create transitional duty job descriptions to properly reintroduce your employees to the workplace after an incident or injury and help prevent future injuries or aggravating an existing injury.

Succeed Can Build and Manage Your Job Description Library

Given the many demands on HR and safety managers, you may not have the time or resources to create and manage a job description library for your busy organization. Succeed can evaluate the needs of your various employee positions and create custom job descriptions for your unique organization. You can use and share your customized job description library with managers across the organization for their own use.

We are always available to assist you with modified or transitional duty job descriptions so you can get your injured employees back to work as soon as possible. We can develop and manage your Return-to-Work Program for you.

A Cost-Effective Solution for HR and Safety Professionals

Well-developed job descriptions not only clarify roles and expectations, they help provide staff motivation and engagement, and ensure personnel management is focused appropriately on safety. By ensuring employees are working safely and providing a mutually-beneficial transitional duty process and recovery period, organizations can continue running smoothly and reduce workers’ comp costs.

We think you will find that the most cost-effective solution to achieve your HR and safety personnel management goals is to employ the experts at Succeed to help you conduct job analyses and build job descriptions, so you can focus on staff development and safety awareness activities.

  • Clearly communicate your job requirements
  • Access to your own customized job description library
  • Let us manage your Return-to-Work Program