Training & Features

Succeed Offers Safety Training Courses and Other Educational Classes on The Risk Management Process

Hazard Communication Safety Training Course

includes current information about the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), which has been incorporated into the recently-revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Your employees need to be familiar with the new system and understand the new pictograms and safety data sheets – effective December 1, 2013.

HIPAA and Protected Health Information Safety Training Courses

educates employees on the breach reporting requirements, enforcement practices, and non-compliance consequences of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. These safety training courses cover Protected Health Information (PHI), and the privacy and security requirements in the health care field.

Driving Safety Training Course

teaches driver safety awareness for non-commercial drivers. Talks about the benefits of driving preparation, vehicle inspection, defensive driving, and more. Reinforce your safety culture with this training by increasing productivity and reducing lost time by ensuring your employees are safe drivers.

California Sexual Harassment Training Course

satisfies the requirements as set forth in AB 1825, the most rigorous training standards in the country. This comprehensive safety training course provides an in-depth analysis of the behaviors that constitute sexual harassment, teaches how to recognize and stop inappropriate behaviors, and what the legal rights and responsibilities of employees and employers are. There are video case studies to illustrate this sensitive subject.

Wellness Training Course

delivers a comprehensive review of the benefits of personal health and wellness management. It provides information to help employees make informed decisions about important lifestyle issues such as diet and nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and stress management.

Need Something Different?

The professionals at Succeed can build and deploy organization-specific online training programs, targeting your unique needs or particular job characteristics. Your custom trainings become part of your organization’s Training Track™ application, so you can take advantage of all its specialized features. Check out Succeed’s custom online training service.

Reduce Incidents and Complete All OSHA Logs and Summaries with the free OSHA 300 Reporting Tool

OSHA 300 Track™ allows you to record your injuries and near misses so you can develop a comprehensive and accurate incident management program while simultaneously completing all OSHA-required forms.