Sexual Harassment Training

Help Prevent Discrimination and Hostile Work Environments with a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy Training Course

Maintaining a workplace free of gender discrimination and harassment is paramount for organizations today because of potential legal liability and, most importantly, because it’s the right thing to do. Preventing a hostile work environment with a comprehensive Sexual Harassment training has become a common practice and can be mandated depending on the state in which your organization resides.

California has mandated comprehensive sexual harassment training through AB 1825, which requires supervisor training for organizations with 50 or more employees at least once every two years.

California’s rigorous requirements are often adopted by private and public organizations across the country as their training standard, because it can help protect the firm and its workers from costly and embarrassing litigation.

Recognize Harassment and Prevent a Hostile Work Environment

The Sexual Harassment Training course, when offered as a component of an organization’s published sexual harassment and anti-discrimination policies, helps to protect employees from harmful and unwanted sexual conduct and behavior. It helps supervisors recognize and prevent harassment and behavior that can contribute to a hostile work environment. Employers that require this training are both abiding by the law and also taking the necessary precautions to help ensure their employees are not the victim of harmful behavior.

A Cost-Effective Training Program

The Sexual Harassment Training course is offered through the Succeed Training Track™ application. Since the training is online, supervisors only need a computer with internet access, and do not have to take the training at the same time or in the same location. This can save your organization significant time and money in worksite scheduling hassles and in-person trainer costs. Training Track™ can also ensure all supervisors have successfully completed the training and provide records for compliance reporting.

Develop and maintain a sexual harassment policy that promotes a discrimination-free workplace with Sexual Harassment online training from Succeed.

Available in both English and Spanish.


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