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This training program discusses the health effects of noise, how the ear works, sources of noise, and how to control noise. It discusses in detail the requirements of a hearing conservation program.

Assure employees protect their hearing and reduce the risk of hearing damage with the Hearing Conservation Training

Loud noise is one of the most widespread occupational health problems. Noise can exist at harmful levels in almost every industry. Temporary or permanent hearing loss can occur depending on the intensity of the noise and the duration of exposure.

OSHA has required workplaces to administer a “continuing, effective hearing conservation program” whenever are regularly exposed to loud or persistent noise. A hearing conservation program has several requirements. Employers should:

  • Implement a noise monitoring program
  • Conduct audiometric testing
  • Use Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs)
  • Train Employees on how to protect their hearing
  • Keep records of injuries and near-misses in order to help correct workplace hazards

Highlights of the Hearing Conservation Training

Succeed’s Hearing Conservation Training can help your organization create a hearing conservation program and educate employees. Increase productivity and reduce lost time by ensuring your employees understand how to protect their hearing.

Employees learn:

  • The properties of sound, noise exposure limits, and hearing protection devices
  • The risks of overexposure, and how to protect oneself from incurring hearing damage
  • How to comply with OSHA, state, and federal regulations
  • Ways to control noise and the importance of implementing and following a comprehensive hearing conservation program

This training course can help ensure employees are protecting their hearing and working safely.

Available in both English and Spanish.


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